Monday, November 05, 2007

HTTPS on the way..

I've made some advances with HTTPS. I only started today and already Bunjalloo can show the GMail log on page! There is an issue that you might like to star to see when HTTPS finally gets added properly. Put the champagne down for the moment, because it seems my naïve approach to cookies doesn't stand up to the Google log in process. Currently I get told that my browser's cookie functionality is switched off :-/

Logging on to read my mail is a #1 priority here. Closely followed by posting issues to the aforementioned issue tracker from Bunjalloo itself. I can already browse the subversion code, but I need to add issue posting to really start eating my own dog food. (Yuck.)

The SSL library I'm using is MatrixSSL. It took me just a few hours to add and get running on the PC, plus a few more to debug for the NDS. I expected it to take days not hours, so I was pleasantly surprised. Now I just have to remove all the damn printfs.

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  1. I had a look at this today.
    The first time i have been able to view the images on my own web page using the DS.


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