Monday, October 29, 2007

Bunjalloo 0.4 beta

The first beta of the 0.4 series is out. I've finally added image support, which means I had to use a lot of external libs. What is the best way to handle these? Well, zlib and libpng are under active development and maintenance so I've just added the DS Makefiles to my Subversion repository. That way I can just recompile with a new version if necessary.

The gif_lib code needed a config.h for some NDS specific changes, so that has Makefiles and a header. Finally, I tried tinyjpeg, which was too limited, so opted for the jpegdecoder library. This needs some changes to the actual library for a couple of bug fixes - one show stopper for little endianness problems that only show up on hardware. As such, I've imported the whole library into my subversion's /external directory - the upstream release compiles OK, even works for some images, but shows cropped images for larger jpegs on a real DS.

All these libraries install to the de facto standard $DEVKITPRO/libnds directory.

I really should document all this properly, but no one's asked me anything about compiling the code so I assume there's not much interest.

Oh, this new release is compiled with devkitArm r21, so it's cutting edge!

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