Sunday, April 16, 2006

Conceptronic C54APRA with Nintendo WFC

I knew it! After splashing out for one of those Nintendo USB gizmos, I've discovered how to get the Nintendo DS to recognise the Conceptronic C54APRA router. In the end it just needed the updated firmware. Sigh. For anyone in a similar situation the firmware you need is this one: V2.00B02T02.GE.20051102 []

Don't forget to make a note of your settings before going ahead, since updating the firmware wipes everything. Once that's done, the DS will pick up the router when you scan for it in the wireless settings. Without the update, it's as if the access point didn't exist.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Skiving + Routers

I've been a very lazy recently. Hectic work, coupled with a nasty bit of conjuctivitis meant that coding has been a low priority for me. Last thing I wanted to do in my spare time was write C...

I've also been playing Animal Crossing WW on the DS. A big time waster. Especially on-line mode. Unfortunately my router, a Conceptronic C54APRA , doesn't seem work with the online stuff. Rumours are that it does with the latest firmware. But I've also read that it doesn't. So who knows. In the end I bought one of those USB dongle rip-offs that Nintendo do. At least I can keep my wireless lan on WPA.

Another factor that has contributed to my recent reduced output is the state of the GBA scene. Most homebrewers have moved on to the PSP or DS, but without really coming up with any good finished games. This is partially due to the difficulty of coding on a more powerful platform - expectations are higher but coding is as time consuming as ever plus better quality art requires much more work - and partly because there are no good emulators available. The GBA has itself become "retro" and I think that there are less and less people interested in good remakes for it. Oh well. Perhaps it's time to move on to the DS?