Sunday, April 16, 2006

Conceptronic C54APRA with Nintendo WFC

I knew it! After splashing out for one of those Nintendo USB gizmos, I've discovered how to get the Nintendo DS to recognise the Conceptronic C54APRA router. In the end it just needed the updated firmware. Sigh. For anyone in a similar situation the firmware you need is this one: V2.00B02T02.GE.20051102 []

Don't forget to make a note of your settings before going ahead, since updating the firmware wipes everything. Once that's done, the DS will pick up the router when you scan for it in the wireless settings. Without the update, it's as if the access point didn't exist.


  1. Nintendo DS arrived in the post today..Now i Can use GBA Or DS..Gonna wait here real quiet, not tapping my feet..
    Just wanted you to know someone still looks at the blog, now and then..

  2. Heya Quirky..I was thinking! ( it dont hapen often )..Rogue could be a great game on the DS.Top screen for playing the game and using bottome screen for all the commands..Just and Idea mind..

  3. Oops I should have checked for typpos before i posted the last message..

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