Monday, November 12, 2007

Future efforts?

First, a rant.

Even though I understand where he's coming from, I don't agree with a lot of Dragon Minded's comments. His latest about wannabe plugin authors, that "they just wanted to do something easy to get their name on the project" seems a bit off - as far as I can see, DSO goes against the spirit of the GPL and actively discourages contributions. How can you do that on one hand and then expect people to use your plugin framework on the other? Or maybe he should just stop reading certain forums - people out for a free ride, downloading Nintendo games, are not going to make useful contributions to very much at all.

Now the rest of the post.

Bunjalloo has been open from day 1, and what help people have offered me has been gratefully received, so I don't want to abandon it. But the fact is that debugging Bunjalloo is most of the time a thankless task. The web is full of terrible HTML and hacky connection methods - witness the simple google log on process. Web pages are increasingly reliant on Javascript and Flash. Things that we take for granted on a PC browser are a painful nightmare on the DS. It can only get worse as web standards are further extended for more powerful devices and more interactive content. A kick in the nuts is that even mobile phones have better web browsers. This is mostly due to the tiny memory the DS has - but also because writing these things nowadays is more than a one man project. And I'm fed up!

So, with your permission, I think I'll take a break from the web browser for a while. Let's leave the apps to the PC and concentrate on the games. After all it's what the DS was designed for, and I have some outstanding issues to resolve...

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  1. Anonymous3:13 pm

    I can understand what a hassle it is to debug this thing. A lot of time spent with little to show for it is not much fun. Have you seen DSHobros? It uses a PC side server. I think this is the only practical solution to web-browsing on the DS, if you want to include images.


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