Sunday, January 22, 2006

Updated Elite AGB

I've put the updates to Elite AGB on my site now. These additions are some of the changes made by Thomas Metz to TNK plus a couple of extras. In detail then:

Quick saving - so you can save anywhere. This is really handy when you are going for a monster special cargo run and have to hop between several planets sun-scooping fuel. Doesn't solve the problem of being crap and getting killed though, sadly.

Different "star field" effect. I really liked the dust field effect added to TNK, but after making similar changes here, I'm not sure. I might make it optional at some point.

A few more planets on the short range chart - I've not added the big change made to TNK since I think it looks too cluttered with all the stars present. It's fine around Lave, but some of the planet patterns near the top of galaxy 1 are much more packed.

Galactic Chart path finder. This was one thing I fancied doing since I saw this website with Elite Trade Routes a couple of years ago. Now you can press Select to get a line plotting the "best" route to a planet from your current location. Best here means the shortest route with least jumps flying to the safest planets. A bit cheaty perhaps but I feel Elite AGB pilots need all the help they can get!

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