Saturday, January 14, 2006

New toy - Nintendo DS

In a rash bit of ebay bidding, I've finally bought a Nintendo DS. €160 it cost me with a few games. The bad news is that it has 2 dead pixels on the top screen and Tepples pixel unsticker didn't unstick them. The good news is that it's got the old firmware v1, which means I can use the wi-fi technique to run homebrew code. To know which firmware you've got on a DS follow this forum post:

1. Make sure your DS is not set to auto start
2. Insert a DS game
3. Switch on and select Pictochat, room A
4. Once Picto starts, remove the DS cartridge

At this point, the DS will freeze and the screen may turn a single colour. From the type of freeze, you can determine your firmware type:

- FW1: DS remains frozen
- FW2: Grayish Blue
- FW3: Dark Green
- FW4: Yellow

If the screen turns
Yellow then you need to use the more complex PassMe2 method. Otherwise, you can use PassMe1 or WifiMe.

Not sure when I'll start messing with NDS stuff, because the original GBA probably has more homebrew 'fans' at the moment and DS emulation is still quite buggy. I shall see...

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