Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I received an email the other day:

I think I found one bug, though. When you pick up an item that you already have in your inventory, the new item replaces the exiting one. EXAMPLE: If you have one item of food in your inventory, and you find two more food items, when you pick those up, your inventory says 2 food items instead of three.

Now I just cannot repeat this. I hacked the source to get it to add loads of food around me, but it always adds the item correctly. If nobody else has seen this bug, then I guess it doesn't exist. Which is good, of course. Anybody seen this problem?

I'm still hitting my head against a wall with the Elite 3D stuff. One hacky fix is to dock sooner - in TNK you dock when your ship is 170 units of distance away from the centre of the station, but in Elite AGB this was set to 128. It explains why the station seems to disappear for longer before you dock.


  1. Anonymous12:32 am

    I have also noted the food problem/bug in rogue.If i have 1 food and i collect another,i get 2 food..When you eat it consumes 1 food and leaves none.It seems to not matter how many food you have.It consumes them as 1 item.
    Does that make any sense>?
    I love tha game though..Great Job on all the remakes..Many thanks for all the hours of free gameplay on my gameboy..

  2. I've been testing this and I'm totally unable to reproduce the bug. At the risk of sounding patronising, are you sure you didn't eat all the food?

  3. Hi Quirky
    Yeah i am sure I did not consume all the food.I have noticed this a few times.Maybe I am misunderstanding how the game works.I believed the game consumed 1 food each time I use eat.Am I wrong or does it consume more than 1 food,depending on how hungry the char is?..
    XG128 cartridge running pogoshell.Little Writer programmer.USB Port.
    Thanks for the reply..

  4. That's a good question! I decided to check it out and you definitely only "eat" 1 food each time, regardless of hunger. In fact the code looks spot on, I totally don't understand why this should happen :-/


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