Tuesday, November 01, 2011

3D Space Game Bug Fixes

Back in July I wrote that I was working on getting rid of the bugs in 3D Space Game. It has certainly taken me a while to get most of them squashed, but I've just uploaded a new version to the Android Market [edit - no longer available] that fixes many crashes (hopefully!). You can also view the source code on the googlecode site [edit - no longer available].

One of the nasty side effects of the old version was it's battery hogging behaviour. This was caused by my dreadfully inefficient Game Boy Advance-like emulation layer that was baked into the game. Over the last few months I've also improved my android-ndk-profiler so it works a lot better on older devices, and I've used it here to try and get better performance. Even with that I still did most of my tuning and debugging on the SDL and Linux port - Android is still missing something like valgrind for native code and GDB doesn't work prior to 2.3.

For the umpteenth time I learned the following lesson: if an (Android) application crashes, chances are it is because I am writing past the end of a buffer into something important! Let's see if the lesson sticks this time :-)


  1. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Hello Richard,
    gratis work so far. By playing the 3 D Space Game i have come upon a Bug. When i play the game, and want to exit the game the game doesn't exit. After forcing the app to close, the savegame is gone. Is this Bug known? Ich i am using a htc Desire HD with Android Revolution HD ROM.

  2. anonymous4:38 am

    Can't sell commodities. Only buy. Big gamebreaker. Using htc evo

  3. Use the back button to sell..

  4. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Same problem with Galaxy s2. Game doesn't exit properly and save game is lost. Annoying after spending time achieving anything.

  5. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Hi, is the "3D Space Game" available anywhere anymore? I'd really like to try it out :)

  6. No it no longer is available I'm afraid.

  7. Why is it no longer available. This was what I've been looking for for ages@! Please bring it back... I beg you!

  8. Bring it back please. Why did u remove it. Legal reasons?


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