Monday, July 25, 2011

Another War of the Solstice update

Despite my prediction, it actually took 2 comments to get the infamous "this game crashes my HTC Desire". The good news is that I've uploaded a new version that may fix the problem.

You can read about the fixes on the Market, the biggy was a couple of buffer overflows that caused random crashes. Once again, valgrind and some carefully crafted unit tests to the rescue. The trick to embedded coding is to get the code running on a real PC :-)

There's a new feature that's inspired by a pretty novel feature in the original Lords of Midnight - a screen shot record! On the original LOM, you could print out the current screen. I bet nobody actually did that though, as you needed a Speccy printer which were rarer than hens' teeth. Anyway, on this Android version pressing volume up or down at any time captures the current screen and saves it to the SD card. Then you can view the screens in your "Gallery" application.

I've also been practicing and finally beat the game with a carefully planned "Ultimate Victory", defeating Doomdark by taking Ushgarak and destroying the Ice Crown in the same game! To celebrate I added in the text for this, which was never contemplated in the original game. It's probably a bit of a let down after an epic 90-day war of attrition, so don't get too excited.

Next up, summer hols permitting, I'm working on "3D Space Game" to fix the crashes there too. I've got it crashing on my phone now, which is half the battle. I get the feeling I'm making some nasty assumptions about video ram because the crashes are inexplicable and "trace-less".

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