Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Lords of Midnight remake for Android

I've released another Android game, this time The Lords of Midnight gets the remake treatment. [edit - in the end, this has been removed at the request of Mike Singleton] Once more it's a port from a Nintendo platform, this time the GBA as I never got round to updating it for the DS. It's so close to the Spectrum original that you can almost smell the rubber keyboard. Check out that colour clash.

I've called the remake "The War of the Solstice", as it looks like Mike Singleton together with Chris Wild may be making an official game for iPod and possibly Android at some point. Rumours have been going on for several months now with nothing actually released, so it may come to nothing. They are concentrating on the iPlatforms first too, so hopefully my remake will not have any impact on their sales. I can't blame them for doing iPhone first; if you were to charge people for games on Android it'd be a support nightmare. There are too many devices with too many random reasons to crash or otherwise go wrong.

That's why this is yet another freemake. Hurrah! No adverts either (I'd edit /etc/hosts to block the advert networks myself if I actually used my Android phone for anything). I bet the first comment on the Market for this is going to be "this crashes on my HTC Desire".

Anyway, this remake fixes at least 1 major bug in the AI that was in my original remake (but not in the original game, oh man!), as well as adding touch controls throughout. I've learned my lesson from Elite: people want touch controls. The only exceptions here are back (for obvious back-like things) and the menu button, which is need to save the game. Everything else is fat finger friendly.


  1. Anonymous12:26 am

    Many thanks for this!!! been waiting for this for ages!!!

  2. Anonymous1:37 pm

    How do I recruit a Lord?

  3. To recruit a lord, just go to the same location that they're on. Then touch the lord text to get to the selection menu, where there should be a "recruit lord XXX" option. Keep in mind that only certain lords can recruit others, for example Fey lords can only be recruited by other Feys.

  4. Choergi10:10 am

    I loved this game! Thanks a lot!!! Cool!

  5. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Wow! I typed 'Lords of Midnight Android' into google on a whim, never expecting that it would actually exist. You are a god among men, sir :)

  6. I loved lords of midnight on the speccy. Where can I download an android version for my galaxy s please?

  7. Hey Steven, sorry but it is no longer available. See the post from July 2012 with details why.


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