Sunday, November 07, 2010

Changes in Chaos 1.1

I've updated version 1.1 of Chaos in the Android Market. This version contains 2 bug fixes:

  • Computer opponents could never move again after casting Meditate
  • 2 sources of random crashes fixed

The first bug was a silly one, easy to fix. The other one, well, I didn't want to believe the random crashes. I was hoping it was caused by cosmic rays or something. After it happened to me again when I was finally about to win I decided to get to the bottom of things.

I added a "stress mode" to the PC test version I have, and left 8 computer controlled wizards to battle it out all day watched by valgrind. The results were that there are 2 places were I ended up reading well outside the memory I had allocated. I haven't seen a repeat of the error since then, so hopefully the problem is fixed now.

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  1. Anonymous11:40 am

    Thank you for this port, I can now stop playing your GBA version on an Android GBA emulator:)



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