Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chaos on Android!

I've just uploaded my remake of Chaos to the Android Market. It's free to download and is advert free. Hopefully this link will work market://search? or you can download via here.

Spell selection screen
Movement round screen

This is pretty much a straight port of the GBA version of Chaos I wrote a few years back. I've added in some features from the Nintendo DS version I also did, such as the "Meditate" spell (new spells at the cost of no movement for the wizard that round) and finishing off the sleep and blind spells that almost existed in the Spectrum classic. The effects of Sleep are obvious, but Blind reduces movement, attack and defence to minimum. There's a random chance of either wearing off at the end of each cast round.

It has touch screen controls or can be controlled using the trackball or control pad if you have them. I've been testing this on my HTC Magic with Android 1.6. I hope it runs okay on newer phones with bigger screens, but let me know if you have issues.


  1. This is exactly what I've been looking for since I bought my HTC Incredible. Works absolutely fine and just as I remember it. Haven't tried out the new spells but I will soon enough. Many thanks for the time and effort you spent on this.

  2. This is fantastic! If you're taking suggestions, would you be able to set up key bindings? I'm playing this on a Toshiba AC100 smartbook - no touchscreen but a nice keyboard. The arrow keys work, but I can't select anything.
    Also, do you have a link describing the new spells & monsters?

    Thanks for your hard work on this!

  3. @wheelybird: I'll see what I can do :-)

  4. Hi Richard

    Been playing your version of Chaos quite a lot recently. I had the originl speccy version when I was a kid and would not have thought I would be battling it out with my 9 year old kid some 25 years later on the galaxy tab. Any possibility of taking the contest is drawn out, I like playing to the bitter end.

    Big thanks for this appreciate your efforts!


  5. Ian - go to "OPTIONS" from the start screen. Once there, change Round Limit to "OFF".

  6. Hi Richard,

    As a fan of Chaos, I wondered if you might been interested in the game Sorcerers, also on Android? It's my app but it's free.


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