Sunday, August 19, 2007

Disk drive failure!

There is only one thing worse than a disk drive failure - a disk drive failure when your last backup was September 2006. Sigh! Luckily I moved to Google Code for my new stuff, which means that nothing is lost from the new Chaos and Bunjalloo code. However I have lost a few personal photos, lots of handy scripts and my previous remake code. There are backups of the last releases on the site, but the history of changes has gone pretty much forever - together with some unreleased GBA stuff.

I've got a new laptop now though, so I can carry on hacking. This time I better make backups more often - though quite what the best way to do this is, is a tricky one. I'm loathed to pay for Flickr or similar for the photos, but I just *know* I'll be too lazy to backup to DVD. As for my useful scripts, if I can't recover anything from the disk, then I'll have to write them again from scratch - and this time they are going on a Google Code project under a libre license.

My other concern recently has been if it is worth carrying on with Bunjalloo now that Dragon Minded has pretty much released the best NDS browser possible? Might my time might be better spent porting PocketBeeb or Elite to the DS instead of messing about on the web browser any longer? There is still a lot to do with Bunjalloo - most of it writing a widget toolkit. One possibility that I have been looking at is to port one of the lite GUI libraries to the DS and make use of that, but they all seem irritatingly tied to X11.

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