Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update to android-ndk-profiler

Android Robot
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I've just updated my profiling library for native code on Android to version 3.2. This version is the first "final" release since I moved the code from the subversion repository on Google Code over to github. I have kept the main project hosting on Googlecode still as Github recently removed the ability to host pre-compiled downloads. Not sure what to do with issues yet, but pull requests are welcome :-)

There are no huge changes, but I have made a switch from the old ad-hoc include mechanism to use the NDK module system. This should make it a lot easier to set up the profiling code in an file. I've updated the usage page with details of how to do this. For some reason the HTML documentation for the NDK is not online anywhere, the best you can do to view the module documentation without downloading the NDK itself is probably this page.

The switch over to github meant I could also start using Travis CI, which is a great continuous integration service for public repositories. I haven't read much about this anywhere, but it seems like a well thought out service, and it was really simple to set up.

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