Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to recruit on LOM

I've had an email about how to recruit on my [edit - no longer available] Android Lords of Midnight remake - "the War of the Solstice". That means other people are probably stuck too and haven't asked. Here are the basics.

From the start of the game, go Northwest, Northwest, Northeast and you'll stand on the same spot as the Lord of Shadows. Here I've done it as Morkin, but you can use any of the starting group.

Now touch the name part of the text (where it says "Morkin. He stands in the Forest of Shadows, looking Northeast."). This brings up the "Think" screen.

On this screen, touch the right hand part of the text. This brings up the "Seek" screen, where you can do the recruiting.

On here, touch the option to recruit the Lord of Shadows. That's it!

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  1. Love these games on the speccy and played your gameboy advanced remakes too, do you think you'll release DDR for android too? (Chris Wild and Mike Singleton apparently will skip it in favour of a new midnight game if they ever get LOM done) If not we'll have to make do with a gba emulator.


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