Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bunjalloo release v0.8

I've just uploaded a new release of Bunjalloo. This contains all the performance improvements I've been working on recently as well as a few other changes. Full details are in the changelog.

One of the changes is a fix to the updater. Sadly I broke it in the last release. This means you will have to update manually by downloading the zip file and unpacking it to your flash card. I've added some automated tests during this release to make sure I don't mess it up again.

You can download the latest version here.


  1. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Great! Any numbers on exactly how much performance improved?

  2. It's difficult to give numbers because I did most of the profiling on the PC.

    To give you an idea, showing a 176 comment thread on reddit, the old version took 1.3 seconds. The new one takes 0.2 seconds. That's on a PC of course - on the DS the difference is more noticeable (minutes down to seconds in some cases), but the times to render a page are longer overall.

    Numbers wise, Google's profiling tools managed 108 samples while rendering that page in 0.7.7, in 0.8 it could only get 16 samples in before the page was done. The biggest speed up was to reduce duplicate passes over strings while calculating the position in the file so far.

    The way scrolling is done has also changed. Previously it redrew the whole screen, now if you scroll a line, it only redraws that line and copies the rest of the screen to its new position. So that's something like 20 times faster (=> 192 is the screen height, there are about 12 lines per screen, 24 lines total. If you only redraw 2 of them, thats 22 lines you don't have to draw, give or take a couple for the copy).

    Additionally there was a bug that meant when you got to the bottom of the page it would have to run through the whole page to find the current position. This meant that when you were at the bottom, scrolling was painfully slow. No figures, just hand wavey "slow". That's fixed and now things are snappier.

    Try it and see! :-)

  3. Fantastic work! :)
    Christmas came early for my DS, I think.

    Great improvements and it's much much smoother because of them.

    (CBA to open a new ticket but what about an option to auto disconnect from AP when the page has been downloaded, to save battery life.)

  4. Hi,

    I am trying this
    but it doesn't work for me :-(
    How can I check the WiFi connection ??
    My DSi connect correctly to Internet (NDS Upgrade OK) but when I use Bunjalloo the icon with two computers stay wiht a cross or one way icon ?!?
    I am using a M3i Linker.

  5. If you use the DSi's "Advanced" connection settings (e.g. for WPA) then it will not work. If you can connect with regular DS games, like Mario Kart, then there's a good chance Bunjalloo will work too.

  6. humm, I will try
    You mean if the DSi's upgrade connetion works it is not a good test
    The better is to check with an other Homebrew or Game, isn't it ?

  7. Exactly. If you use the newer, better wifi encryption that the DSi supports, you're out of luck as the DS-only mode can't access that hardware.

  8. Anonymous11:00 pm

    it doesnt work with maximum overload on the max media dock

  9. Anonymous8:23 am

    Whenever I try to start bunjalloo on my DS it says:

    Initializing FAT card OK

    /data/bunjalloo exist FAILED

    I know this probably means that my data folder for bunjalloo doesn't exist or can't be found, but I put both the .NDS file and data folder in the same folder, but it screws up like I said.

    In advance, thanks a lot.

  10. Anonymous3:33 am

    on your micro sd put right on the card in no folders the nds file then separate needs to be a folder called data and inside bunjallo then inside that cert, config, docs, fonts inside those are access files and need to be there these are all installed with bunjallo 0.8

  11. Anonymous9:26 am

    Mario Kart Wifi Settings has been established, I can connect to other players, however, when I open DSHobro it says Initializing Wifi... and stucks there, in Bunjalloo it does not load any pages it has icons that looked like 2 PC with an "X", in DSOrganize, it just says Associating on web browser. If someone there fixed the similar problem. I would appreciate your help.


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