Saturday, February 07, 2009

WIP Woopsi screenshot

I've started the port to Woopsi now and it's going alright-ish. There are still a lot of bugs to iron out and old features to re-implement, but I think being able to view 2 web pages at the same time is going to make a huge difference. This screenshot shows a test page and the Google code hosting site. The page title is shown on the screen title bar. Each web page is a borderless window gadget. Clicking a link opens it in the same window. Shift-clicking (clicking with the stylus while holding a shoulder button) opens the web page on the opposite screen. So you can have 2 web pages open at once. This is an artificial limit, but given the memory limits I think is a good compromise.

Now for some technical crap! I'm using git's submodule support here to track Woopsi's development on sourceforge (via git svn...). Sounds complicated, but it's not really. And in the end it means I get bug fixes for free, but can also add my own hacks on top of the main Woopsi code. I've added my own build scripts for example, but most of the rest of my bug fixes have been committed by ant to his svn repository. Nice!

The main issues I've seen so far are to do with my "meta-gadget" that keeps track of all the text and image gadgets. There are some scrolling issues and position problems there. The other problem is with unicode of course, but I knew that was going to be a sticking point when I started.

I still need to figure out how I'm going to add in the back-forward-stop buttons. I think these will have to be in a separate window, but I get the feeling that that would be awkward. I'll probably end up adding them to each window under the main display. It'll cut off some screen space, but not too much. In the current version the buttons are shown on top of the text and are slightly transparent. This is a bit ugly though and you can't really read the text underneath anyway. Woopsi's gadget heirachy means that it might be easier to add these as separate controls and forget about it.

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