Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Elite WIP

A couple of bugs have been spotted in the Elite code Thomas sent me. I've sorted them out now but haven't uploaded the new files. I'm still testing to see if the fixes break anything else. If anyone's desperate then let me know and I'll post them.

I've also incorporated some of TM's changes into Elite AGB. The Quick Save is especially handy. More testing here. One thing I'm going to have to add to EAGB is proper Z clipped polygons. A Mr Harris wrote me an email complaining about the docking and the fact that just before you enter the station, the whole thing disappears. He's right of course. This was OK in the wireframe Elite, since everything was see through anyway, but it is unsettling when you have solid space ships. Not an easy one to fix, but I'm on it.

Finally, my move to coding DS game seems more likely as some bright spark has figured out how to wireless multiboot DS code from Linux using ralink wireless cards. Which is just the type of card I have. All I need now is a DS.

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